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Diet Don’t Fail Me Again Or Again Or Again

In 2012, I thought I was on the right track when I lost 13 in 30 days…  By 2015, I gained it all back and some, pushing 389 pounds.  Knew I needed to do something drastic, my A1C was 10.0.

Equine Therapy For Weight Loss

“I tried ANY Weight Loss or Diet plan I could” – Chato Stewart

I was in a battle, food was my enemy and it was winning, and not to help matters much: I was its biggest collaborator!

My focus changed early in 2015, for the longest time, I was trying to eat as healthy as I could and diet… I changed to only looking at a “diabetic” diet and forgot about trying to diet or go on starvation diets or crash diets.  I would just start cutting back what I ate and eat better.

Right away I lost 15 pounds going into 2016. I was hovering between 353, 358,  368 and 378.  Every now and again dropping lower– then jumping back up in the poundage.

You know, the yo-yo weight-gain and weight-loss deal.

At the same time in 2016, my Diabetes medication stopped being effective and I started seeing my numbers going back up!  My average was: glucose 230 to 260, but now I was getting glucose 300 to 350, and 400+.

That was scary.  It was and taking a toll on both my physical and mental health.  I would get depressed, and eat or binge.  Then, once I started, I would get even more depressed and give up and binge all night my sugar would spike… 

I saw both my doctors and they were very worried. One doctor wanted to put me on insulin, the other doctor wanted to put me in the psych ward!  I convinced them to let me work it out, try one more time with diabetes, and since I was not a real threat to myself or others, there wasn’t much the other P. Doctor could do at that time.

With the help of a new med and a few tweaks to meds, I was able to lower my A1c, and get out of the depression, but my number was still high…still seeing glucose 260+ and I was still in a daily downer mood, just functioning depressed.

The next time I saw my Doctor, we talked about weight loss surgery, this was starting to look like my only hope.

I would need to be seen by my doctor six times for evaluations before submitting a formal request for access to the surgery program.

I already had three visits under my belt, and picking the type of surgery that might have the most success and least risks.  Every surgery has risk factors, I just needed to weigh the risk-reward.  I was apprehensive, and of course, depressed on my next visit.  I wanted to lose the weight myself, but I don’t know if it was even possible.  I couldn’t even control my Diabetes.

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