Ah, Living in Florida, the sun, the fun, the beaches, and waking up to a surprise Tropical Storm (Emily)!

Well, actually, I listened to the Tropical Storm rolling in all night.  I’ve haven’t slept well lately.  Hearing the deep roars of thunder, seeing the flash of lightning in the windows, and the wind whistling and echoing about the trees; this made for some eerie-special-effects weatherwise!

This tropical storm came and went with not much fuss locally for us.  It was quick, so quick I have to make a reference of how it reminded me of my own struggle with my mental illness.

Mental Health and Tropical Storms

Some weird analogies that can be drawn from today and living with a diagnosed or undiagnosed mental disorder. Even when things are going swimmingly, superbly, awesomely, and we feel so balanced one day–we can go to bed and wake up into the most outrageous, enormous, tropical storm building into an emotional Hurricane for no reason whatsoever.  So is the nature of the beast that is mental illness.

I’ve lived it, I’m sure many of my peers have experienced it, Sometimes, we may believe the only thing we can do is ride out the storm.  It’s not true, there’s help, but from whom and from where?

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Chato Stewart Thoughts On a Few Other Storms as

told via Mental Health Humor Cartoons.

Today’s Tropical Storm Emily, while not so eventful, did get me thinking about other “storms” and so I thought I would share some of my favorite Mental Health Humor Storm-theme Cartoons


The Tropical  Kids Storm

The Tropical  Ice Cream Storm

Mental Health Humor by cartoons by Chato Stewart

The Tropical  BRAIN Storm

The Tropical No Silver Lining Storm

Mental Health humor silver lining Positive Psychology

The Tropical  Social Media Storm

Without Warning Audreys Social Life was Over- by Chato Stewart

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