Only I can change my life. No one can do it for me. ~ Carol Burnett

       I.       Part Of Life is Stepping in S#!T, It Happens

Having lots of clean wipes helps, some dry dirt or green grass too will da the trick to wipe it off, too.  Yet when we step into it in life… Having a game plan in mind on how to handle these gifts of stress can help us out of the pit of pooh.

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   II.           10 Things I Learned to do When S#!T Happens

  1. Count to 10/ Take a breath – Not to yell OH S#!T or blurt out something else.  No, give yourself a chance to think before we react.
  2. Lemonade – Depending on what happened, I try and just make the best out of it…take a lemon and make a strong Lemonade.
  3. When it really hits the fan: I pray for faith, for strength, and work with my prayers. Doesn’t mean God is going to solve/cure my every issue now.  It gives me hope things can get better.  Hope is a very powerful coping tool.
  4. Stay the course and dredge up the creek till I hit shore.  Turning back cause things are hard, or giving up hope we can just wither away.  Stay true to moving forward, with knowledge, education, advocacy.  Whatever your mental health goals… Stick it out, taking baby steps.

When stuff goes wrong, when life sucks, when we get knocked down, just remember we can get back up.  When we do finally get up (cause let’s face it getting up again sucks too) but when we do get up, remember taking baby steps is still forward moment.  If all we can do is take baby steps, they add up.  And before long, we will see progress.

I love this clip from What About Bob.

 IV.            Life Happens Summary

Here is my thought on the matter…

In short, Life Happens!  Work on not letting something so huge as a mental Illness keep your life derailed. Make baby steps if needed to move towards a better you: happy and joyful in life and everything else still might suck, but at least it will suck with a smile.

We can’t control what happens to us in life, we might be able to have a false sense of control but STUFF happens that pops the bubble quickly.  Have balance, smile, and laugh more and smell the roses to improve our outlook on life.

s#!t happens Part 1  |  s#1t happens Part 2 | Bonus Chato Stewarts Notes

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