Without Warning Audreys Social Life was Over- by Chato StewartIt’s Summer Break and in need of a bit of  #wednesdaywisdom with the all the kiddos home?  Work must go on, well, here is a little Mental Health Humor or life lesson (or you can pick the later of the two).  Last week, I was having trouble keeping to a healthy diet.  After a late night at work, I took the kids out, but I had the fast food craving.

Things Kids Say:  “Cockroaches are runny away from the McDonalds!”

       I.        #wednesdaywisdom: Cockroaches Are Runny

I did not get to do any food shopping before work and we were out of everything, I mean “Old Mother Hubbard” out, the cupboard was bare!   You know it’s bad when the kids ate the old can of peas.  All we had in the house were condiments.  When I got off work, it was well after 11 p.m. and groceries closed.

So, after the late night at work, I took the kids out to eat for fast food, but really I was the one having the fast food craving.

By now it was past midnight, but on my way home there was one place the drive-thru is open 24 hours. I placed my guilt- stricken order and pulled up to the window.  Waiting at the window, my kids start screaming “Cockroaches are runny away from the McDonalds!”  Looking outside and there was a huge Palm Meadow bug (cockroach the size of a small mouse) running away from the building. (It’s a common bug down here in FL.)


       II.            IT Makes You Think…

“Nothing will stop and make you pause about your bad eating habits than when you see Cockroaches running away from the building,”  I said to the cashier.  She looked at me puzzled when I told her what the kids said she started laughing.

   III.           Misplaced Anxiety

#wednesdaywisdom…is that when the roaches are runny from the buliding, maybe, it is a dietary sign?