Taking Time With The Family

Having balance is key.  Sometimes, we are so focused on getting well, getting better–that we forget about everything; everyone else!  We can miss the special minutiae of everyday life. The stop and smell the roses periods.  We have to remember that Not taking time for yourself and for loved ones can have long-term crushing effects.

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Taking time every day for ourself does benefit the whole family!  It will have powerful benefits for our overall health.  Taking a few quiet minutes or more is all that is needed.

Taking time with family and loved ones, peers, even if we have to fake it till we make it, I believe still will have some benefit.  I think of #5 of the 10 list: “Your Social Calendar is Restricted by Your Partner’s Depression.”  I think back over the 25 years Joan and I have been married.  And the many, many, many gatherings, parties, outings, and “social restriction” imposed on her by me experiencing symptoms of undiagnosed/then diagnosed (2003) Bipolar Disorder and Bipolar Depression.

When I could, I will say that again, when I could, I would go to the great demand of the old fake it till I make it…putting on the smile and looking so-called normalish just to make sure Joan and kids could get out of the house and get some uplifting association.

This is not going to save a relationship, but the idea here is to make time for the family.   To get out of the house (avoid isolation), try to be willing to take a break from mental illness.  Not to ignore our wellness plan, but to take time for our self and for our family.

If only a few minutes playing a game, or at a park, a day out, a few days vacation, a week or more… Take time with loved ones as often and as much as we can.