Life is made up of challenges that cannot be solved but only accepted.  – Roger Ebert *

  1.          Challenge: Take Time for Our self

Our lives are full of challenges, and if we are living with a “mental health challenges” diagnosis; Our challenges can be extremely complicated. There are many challenges if you’re a caregiver for someone that’s diagnosed or living undiagnosed or uncontrolled mental illness.

The challenges are numerous; the list could go for miles. I will not presume to understand fully.  Would you not agree that many of the challenges are acclimating, building on or on top of other problems? As they build up, as layers and piles of stress and anxiety mount these challenges will devastate lives.

One of the most overwhelming and stressful conditions that come with living with a diagnosis to caregiving is…time! Or better put the lack of time!
APA Reference

* Fun Fact: about the Roger Ebert quote, “Life is made up of challenges that cannot be solved but only accepted.”   Yes, Roger Ebert did write it, but he was not trying to inspire or advocate for others with any types of challenges. No, rather it’s a quote from the Sleep Furiously 2011 movie review.