Burn-Out Challenges: Cope with Burnout

Are you experiencing burnout? Here are some recommended strategies that may help you cope with burnout:

  • RESEARCH IT: Knowledge is power – To start, research what burnout is and what burnout is not.  Since the basic symptom of burnout could also be something more serious.  You may want to consult a professional based on your research.
  • Explore online support networks.

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Here are five ways to get started if coping with burnout: 5 Ways to Cope with Burnout by Margarita Tartakovsky, M.S.,  Psych Central’s Associate Editor:

  • Take your signals seriously.
  • Say no to new things.
  • Do mini-retreats at home.
  • Take control of your priorities.
  • Focus on your strengths — and delegate your weaknesses.

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