Where Are They Now: Mental Health Heroes? Once a Mental Health Hero, always should be a Mental Health Hero!*

May is Mental Heath Awareness Month.  During this month in the past, I was able to draw Mental Health Heroes.  Drawing Caricatures of fellow peers and advocates and giving them an opportunity to share their story…I felt privileged to draw and to get to know the many Mental Heath Heros over the years.

I think about them daily; I don’t mean that figuratively, I have a wall covered in my room dedicated to Heroes.  It is a daily dosage of their courage.

Over the next few posts, I would like to check in on some of our past Mental Health Heros in a “Where Are They Now?” series.

We can start off with me.  Since you’re reading this, you already know, I’m still here at Psych Central.

Where Are They Now: Chato B. Stewart



What you might not know is for the last year, I’ve been working for two local non-profits.  The work is very rewarding.

I’ve continued to experience changes with living with Bipolar Disorder and with my many other labels.







*Note: Mental Health Hero is an Honorary title bestowed on fellow Peers.  It is a goodwill, good faith, honor that gave each honoree a platform for their own story and character drawing.