Tachyphylaxis, it means “antidepressant tolerance”, some call it “Breakthrough” and still others call it “poop-out”.  Whatever you call it, Depression really sucks!

Bipolar Depression Sucks

Yes, When our antidepressant is in the unemployment line, it sucks!  Take at Look at the Mental Health Humor Cartoon series Over-Medicated.com above, you can tell that poor medication bottle is not too happy standing in that unemployment line!

What do you do when your Antidepressant meds get the old pink slip?


My Antidepressants Haven’t Been Working

Q: My Antidepressants Haven’t Been Working … than I did before because the one thing I was counting on isn’t making me feel any better.

A: Please don’t be discouraged. You did the right thing to seek treatment. You are doing the right thing to question whether you are getting enough care. Do talk with your therapist to determine the best next step.


There Is a Place for Antidepressants | World of Psychology

It was through the intervention of a skillful doctor, and the right combination of meds, that I stabilized.

Being on meds was absolutely the right thing to do.

But over the last seven years, I have not responded to the medications as I did earlier in my life. They have failed to bring relief from my death thoughts. Plus, their side effects compromised my health in ways that were keeping me depressed.