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Do You Think Two Bipolars Should Be Married?

Do You Think Two Bipolars Should Be Married? was a question recently asked me. They ask, “I don’t think two Bipolars should be married. What do you think, sir?”

This in not a novel comment. I read more negative comments often a lot on a number of a few relationship blog posts written on BP HOPE Mental Health magazine.

Here is an example post which elicited some strong comments: here is the gist of the post:

A Perfect Bipolar Marriage?

How Can you Have a Perfect Bipolar Marriage?  Truth be told, there is no such thing as perfect! Any one that sells you on idea of a perfect bipolar marriage has a bridge in Brooklyn to sell you also. Nevertheless, you can improve the success of your marriage if you improve your overall bipolar wellness. Doing things together is suggested by many marriage counselors…a great “bonding tool.” Lean about the illness and keeping mentally well and balanced and you may just learn about keeping the marriage together.  The key word is TOGETHER… marriage is a team effort. Bipolar is is the opponent.  You and your mate are on the same team…learn how to beat bipolar together.

This February is 25 years since (proposal of marriage) we shared the keys to our hearts.  This October is 25 years of a bipolar marriage.  It can be done.  It’s not all Peaches and Cream or gumdrops and lollipops or strawberry fields forever… but it can be sweet and sour. Just learn to make the sour savory.


Some enter into a relationship–started out as Bipolar Disorder caregiver to their partner without real understanding of what the illness really is, or never seeing the partner in a full-blown episode.  They are blinded by love, one might say and not ready for the storm ahead capable of sinking many marriages and relationships.Mental Health Humor comic Bipolar psychology cartoons wife in a box clip art image

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How Can I Have A Perfect Bipolar Marriage?

The Family Stew in the above mental Health Humor Cartoon I drew is part of The Family Stew series. Here is where I believe we…

Do You Think Two Bipolars Should Be Married?

Chato B. Stewart

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