It could be a nice sunny day, and you’re enjoying your ice frozen beverage or ice cream and out the blue  – Wham-O! BrainFreeze!  Oh so painful is this permafrost, like a sudden blizzard freezing only part of my brain.  What is Brainfreeze? Why does this happen?  What are ways to prevent Brain Freeze?

What is Brain Freeze?

The scientific name for Brain Freeze is sphenopalatine ganglion neuralgia meaning “nerve pain of the sphenopalatine ganglion.” In truth, it is a super fast, and painful type headache.

What is the Main cause of Brainfreeze?

It can simply sometimes be about balance, and not woofing down (consumption/eating/drinking) ice cream or frozen yogurt, slush, popsicles, ice, ice water/chips, ice cubes or that Double Chocolate Chip Frappuccino!

Yes, eating cold foods fast will causes “Brain Freeze.”

Fun Fact: the above BrainStorming Cartoon was “brainstormed” with my kids. It’s their concept. I just drew it.  The kids and I were trying to think up the idea for brain cartoon ideas for Brain Awareness Month.  My eldest daughter came up with the idea, a frozen brain cartoon and call it brain freeze.

We liked it but figured that play on word had been done and drawn a bazillion, gazillion times. We needed a new take on an idea of a brain freeze.

My children are well aware of the symptoms of brain freeze; each one has had it many times over. It was cracking me up not just the idea but the deep connection my children had to the concept.

Once we had the caption, what our brain was going to say, “I freeze!” This caption continued to crack all of us up.  When I got home, I got to draw the cartoon.

I should point out, we came up with the idea while driving… I’m not going to say we were getting ice cream, and I’m not denying it either.

Whenever my kids and I have a cold treat, it seems to me, two things are clear: whatever the cold treat, always gets quickly consumed here in Florida, and one of the kids will be getting a Brain Freeze.

Is it wrong that I yell Yahtzee when all four of my children get brain freeze at the same time?

What to do when you’re stuck with the – BRAIN FREEZE?

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