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Four Teens, Yikes! Some Ways To Support Your Teens

I’m only one-half of the parenting duo for our four children. Yes, part of the team that has helped mold their minds from the book loving to loving gadgets. Yikes!

Some Ways To Support Your Teens:

Avoid making comparisons.

According to psychologist Rosy Saenz-Sierzega, Ph.D, without even realizing it, you might be comparing your teen to their sibling…It’s natural to compare ourselves to others. You might even do this regularly for yourself. But it can be harmful. ~  5 More Strategies for Helping Your Teen

It is funny to look back at how quickly my kids have changed from “little tikes” to “wonder teens.” Yikes!  Driving scares the Poop Emoji out of us.  Driving here in this part of Florida can be a nightmare especially at night with many very dark, back roads without street lights and sharp curves.  I’m a seasoned Boston (reformed aggressive) driver, and I’ve witnessed some horrible accidents in Florida.  (Yikes! See PDF report below)

Some Ways To Support Your Teens

Researchers found adolescent drivers were twice as likely to have had a crash if they experienced sleepiness while driving… ~ Lack of Sleep Disrupts Teen Driving

Okay, I am going to boast about my kids for a moment: they are such good, awesome, fantastic kids that drive me up a wall!  Living and breathing and working myself to the bone for everything for them. Loving them and always telling and showing them– they are loved no matter the cost…keeping a roof overhead or having only a penny in the bank.  And of course having fun with them has been my best role.

The correcting, disciplining, and enforcement of said discipline/guidance/training is the not-so-fun part.

Parenting is an art form in the medium of abstract art. It can be confusing, challenging, especially when one of the team switches teams from time to time.

I sometimes wonder how they could ever be mine; my kids are wonderful, but I have to give most of that credit solely to my wife, Joan Winfred. (Credit or blame, to me, it’s the same. It all goes to the partner, significant other in the relationship.)

Some Ways To Support Your Teens

With Out Further Ado, Here Are Chato Stewart’s kids

I was out with the kids the other day and wanting to recreate the photo of the kids reading a favorite series book. ( I think Grandma sent down a care package from Boston with the 4 books in a gift box.)It was a photo to take and share, one for our photo book. As you see, in six years there is a very big transition and change. Yikes!

It’s a new frontier, kids experiencing the world digitally. Yikes!

For more Ways To Support Your Teens see:

Tips for Parenting Teens in Today’s World

  • Get to know the parents of your children’s friends.

  • Communicate regularly with those parents.

  • Establish the “Three W” rule. Teens need to tell you where they are going, who they will be with, and when they will be back. This is not an invasion of privacy; it’s common courtesy. Adult roommates generally do the same for each other. You don’t need minute details, just the broad strokes of what is being planned for the evening. If something comes up, your child can be located. People engaged in “legitimate” activities don’t need to hide their whereabouts.

  • Respect privacy, but refuse to accept secretive behavior.

  • Talk regularly with your kids about their choice of friends.

  • Support your child’s positive involvement in a sport, art, or activity.

  • Help your child get a job.

  • Act swiftly and certainly when something unacceptable happens.

  • Model adult behavior when you are in conflict with your teen.

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Message About Driving Here In Florida:

Driving here in this part of  Southwest Florida can be a nightmare at night…many back roads with poor lighting and lots of  sharp curves. I’m a seasoned Boston (reformed aggressive) driver, and I’ve witnessed some horrible accidents here. (Yikes!)

Note the Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles Stats:


Image: flhsmv.gov Crash Reports Facts 2015


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Four Teens, Yikes! Some Ways To Support Your Teens

Chato B. Stewart

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