If you watched THE BIG GAME, yes Football game! Yes, We Won! But, it didn’t look good for New England fans for the first hours.

It was sad, a bummer, depressing, hopeless, upsetting, anxious, frustrating along with very lethargic emotions. Only to have these emotions suddenly change dramatically: exciting, stimulating, nauseous, awesome, incredible, exhilarating and a Mammoth of a game; congrats! Go Pats!

I believe at that moment in time, every Patriots’ fan on THE BIG GAME overtime win night–experienced a little taste of living with bipolar disorder ( my world ) feels like. They were only getting a sample of the highs, and the lows. It’s an erratic emotions trip of brain bashing fun, but it can be controlled.
That is the good news.  Every day can be just as intense as a super day, that is a wellness plan can keep the days under control.

There are many good treatments for Bipolar, don’t be bullied by another opinion on your wellness. Do what works for you! I am medicated as part of my treatment. It’s my choice. I respect others who chose other types of wellness treatments.

Now that many New England Fans may have experienced what a mild taste of the ups and downs of what a Bipolar Episode feels like, do you think it will make any impact?