What challenge (once reserved for high school physics) is now popular in elementary?  It’s “The Egg Drop Challenge.” It’s a fun STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) activity both educational and amusing.

Designing a contraption out of recyclable items that could protect a raw egg from a high fall. This was the challenge for my youngest daughter (she is in 5th grade).

For recyclables, we used plastic cups, styrofoam plates, clear trash bags, and packing tape, black electrical tape, and one plastic spoon. And a plastic bow, and some yarn for the parachute.

Okay so the idea was a UFO design, we wanted something aerodynamic. So we had holes down the center, and the spoon used as a shock absorber.  We also built in a fail-safe in case there was a catastrophic failure with the designs.

My daughter and I had fun testing it out.  Before we came to the UFO design, we tested a raw egg in oil and a plastic jar.  It was successful falling 7 feet on grass. When we tested the UFO design, and the egg survived the shock of a 10-foot dead drop, over and over again, we knew we had a successful design.

It was all going to depend on how high the drop would be from the school. I was thinking they would probably drop it from about 15 feet.  To my surprise, the drop was much higher.

The School had a Scissor Lift that can go 30 to 40 feet high.  My daughter told me raw eggs had exploded left and right and all over the landing zone.  One child had and egg in a box, while others tried them in socks, and one in water. Yet, all the kids loved her UFO/spaceship design.

When it was time for my child’s UFO drop, the person letting it go got the parachute tangled up.  If they did it with malice and ignorance or were too lazy to untangle it, who knows, who cares, that’s how life is, nothing ever works out as planned. So you have to plan for the unplanned.

It was dropped, there was a catastrophic human failure.  And the contraption came down fast and upside down, with the parachute only halfway deployed.  That raw egg had to be a scrambled mess, right?


Did the egg make it? Yes! She won! The raw egg survived due to the fail-safe that was built into it with the spoon as the shock absorber.

What’s the take away? Building shock absorbers into our life can help absorb catastrophic events.  The shock absorbers can be the network of support, friends and loved ones, professionals, therapies or what you do to stay well.

What is your shock absorber?

ps: And that Egg tasted great!


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