As we close out 2016, it’s time to shake out the 2016 Mental Health Humor doodle file and see what cartoons are left!

Here is one that I drew which did not quite make the cut during the year.  The idea is based on the joyful expression of my Father. Ya, from a twisted father’s idea of parenting children from a far distance.  Yet, has the corporal discipline for split milk.  My dad had many funny expressions he used. This was just one that never made any sense.  So, I drew it out into a Mental Health Humor cartoon.

I think I sat on the cartoon because it meant more to me… than it was funny.  Even though, in the original sketch, I drew a little boy. I changed it to a little girl for the “daddy’s little girl effect”– the cuteness effect.

My father had a few expressions; his mantra per se.

He had a popular saying when we had guests in the house. When us kids were acting up and/or too loud, he’d say in a very imposing voice, (one that commanded respect and that you spot what you were doing or there would be immense consequences), “Children should be seen and not heard!”

The other expression and the one inspiring the Mental Health Humor cartoon–my Father’s second favorite saying. When he flippantly critiqued our error as a life lesson!  “You Need to Learn From Your Mistakes” or a variation of that expression.

Ya, great, I learned.  Yet, having some needed guidance (to avoid some of my mistakes) would have been nice!

What is the best lesson you’ve learned from any mistake?

Me? It was when someone handed me a cup of yellow snow.  Well, I learned fast, it’s not always lemon slush.

Chato Stewart
Mental Health Humor Blogger

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Mental Health Humor and psychological disorder humor and cartoons by Chato Stewart

Mental Health Humor and psychological disorder humor and cartoons by Chato Stewart


Girl: Yes, letting me learn from my mistakes, it’s paying off.  Plus my social media presence has doubled!

Caption: parents just don’t understand