I’m Blogging for World Mental Health Day – To Give The Unaware Awareness #wmhd.  But why does the world, I mean earth, need a full day to have peers and providers bring awareness to it?  I think the Earth is a beautiful mind.

The Moon, now there is a satellite that needs to get its reception checked, with its many phases, you need a ring just to keep up with it’s mood.   Is the moon blue or depressed? Is is a blood moon or It is a lovers moon or a Moody on the Darkside.

The Moon is about 239,000 miles from earth and about one-fourth the size.  So we need to address the moon’s narcissistic over-inflated view of itself. Always setting in front of the Eath’s view of the sun half the time.

The Moon has to also stop boasting about how it only take 28 days to go around the Earth.

The moon truly needs a Mental Health Day…Cause the moon is the one with the psych Issues.


Bad ideas for mental illness awareness week by chato stewart for Mental health humor image clipart


I blog for World Mental Health Day