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Archives for July, 2016

* Mental Health Humor

#PokemonGO Famous Child Actor Being Harassed By Players

"Pokémon Go AWAY, It’s Pokémon, I’m Pokey, Man" – Say’s Gumby’s pony pal Pokey.

Pokémon Go is a smartphone game App that is catching on like wildfire; it is engaging, addictive and fun to play. Many are even reporting the #PokémonGo is helping players with their mental health issues such as with moods, social anxiety, and even depression.

Nevertheless, the famous child actor from the ‘50's says his life is non-stop harassment and torment since the game has become popular and gone viral.

Pokey is even...
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- Mental Health Humor By Chato Stewart

Test Your Love: Is It A Sky Rocket? A Cherry Bomb? Or A Dud?

Love and Summer, it seems they go together as if the season heats the passion of the heart or is Summer love in the air? The Charming thing about romantic summer LOVE is it can be lightening fast as a lit fireworks' fuse.

The fuse of LOVE! Is it going to be the “Sky Rockets In Flight” type? Or is that fuse of LOVE you’re lighting a “ch ch ch ch ch ⁱCherry bomb?”

Even worst of all in Summer love is if you light the...
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