Emoticon Emoji Hits The Fan

Sometimes you just can’t say it like an emoticon/emoji can say it! “Happy 🙂” , “Sad 🙁“, “laughing 😀“, the old wink “Wink 😉” even “Bipolar :):” emoticons text or images are valuable forms of expression. It seems like we need them to express our feelings in today’s get to the point world.

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Wherever you type or text today, you can use some emoticons/emojis from the simple text to the elaborate images of People, Places, Nature, Objects, Symbols for interaction.

Besides that, people are now able to write many full-length stories all in emoticons/emojis. Stories in emojis are what my girls like to send when texting their Aunts (my sisters) in Boston.

Smart devices have emojis in almost every text App. You can download custom Apps like the Emojizer that will translate everything into an emoticon message (note: it doesn’t use emojis just symbols). Another App’s will allow you to make emoji keyboards and such.  You can write in emoji messages, it can be very fun to play picture word games.

I believe that it can be a brain teaser to try to figure out some of the messages.  Not all are as straight forward as the Mental Health Humor cartoon above.

This is how the drawing idea came about in my last post:

When The —- Hits The Fan! What can you do?  I know some may have thought that this Mental Health Humor I would be drawing a poo emoji hitting the fan! Hey, It’s a great idea for a cartoon; I may draw it next.

One of my girls love that poop emoticons/emoji; it is so cute.  So I think that Mental Health Humor cartoon idea will get “doodled” for sure. ~ Surviving Job Loss? What to Do When The —- Hits The Fan!

Just published on Psych Central news that goes along with texting…lol good read!

Texting on Smartphones Can Alter Brain Waves : Mayo Clinic researchers have determined that sending text messages on a smartphone can change the rhythm of brain waves.

I drew a mental health humor cartoon in my Brainstorming series cartoon that would go with this post too about brain waves.  🙂

1440 MentalHealthHumor- Brainwave -Psychological-Disorders-Cartoons-Chato-Stewart brainstorming

Chato Stewart 🙂

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