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What Does The Fear Of Balloons – Globophobia Feel like?

Gang of Bully Balloons: Exploit His Globophobia! ~ You’re Deflated! ~ I’m gonna Pop on YOU!!! ~ GRrrrrrrr ~ I’m passing Gas!
What The Fear Of Balloons Feels like…

The mere scent gives me the willies! Yes the smell, the feel and sound of a balloon was enough for me to want to…um, should I say it… POP! It wasn’t just the Anxiety of the popping of the balloon that sickened me to the idea of balloons being devilish.

The Topsfield Fair when I was around 6 years old, going on 7, I think… At the fall fair, I got my favorite thing… a RED BALLOON! Not just any Balloon, but a HUGE fire-engine red balloon on a stick! AWESOME!

This was 1976, so any millennials reading this might wonder; “what’s cool about a balloon on a stick?”  You have to remember, this was the year of Pogo Sticks And Unicycles–the must haves for older kids!  And the coolest– the teens and adults are out watching ‘Rocky’ and yelling “Adrian!”  I had one thing that cold, New England Night  at the Topsfield Fair.  My Balloon.   Two of my sisters with their boyfriends were hitting all the rides.. the lights and sounds were mesmerising…The smells of the fair and carnival filled the air.

Getting home that night…a cold night I was exhausted.  At that age, I really had a night to remember and my fire-engine red balloon on a stick a souvenir.  I was going to keep good care of him.  As I mentioned already, it was cold and so I did what any good friend would do…I put my new best friend, the  fire-engine red balloon on a stick on the CAST IRON, HOT WATER radiator in my room.

I remember getting up a few hours later… and friend, the big fire-engine red balloon had tripled, it was almost glorious, transcendent…I should say translucent!  Big RED was bigger than any beach ball and by the widow, the moon hallowed around him.

Slowly I approached in the dark, getting closer to fire-engine red balloon…face-to-face I glared at the sky through this red globe.  I tenderly reached out to touch the glory that was my balloon.

KaBOOOM!!!! Right in my Face, he exploded with such force and eruption I was tossed back into my bed.  Fear, grips me!  the smell!  there is a stench of expanded rubber that fills the air.

Never again from that point on, could I even touch a balloon. The fear of balloons had me in a grip.  I kept it hidden away for years till I met my wife…

Below are links to two other post I wrote on this subject of the Fear of balloons and how my wife, Joan Winifred helped me overcome globophobia .

 Globophobia is The Fear Of Balloons
What Does The Fear Of Balloons – Globophobia Feel like?

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