Mental Health humor Love is Melting my ice cold heart

A few years back I asked my wife, Joan Winifred, how involving her in “my recovery” (more like OUR recovery) has helped our relationship? She said:

    “It drew us closer together in mutual understanding of your illness, Bipolar Disorder. At first, it was confusing this diagnosis, however, being part of the recovery process was such an enlightening educational experience. Getting good and reliable information on medications, therapy and support helped us come up with a wellness plan together. We learned how to better cope as a couple. Your willingness to allow me to talk to your doctors and to keep track of your meds helped me to always feel a part of your recovery.” ~ Joan Winifred

Is it survivable? Survival tactics differ from relationship to relationship. While some people are too toxic to be together and still others are outright unsafe to be left in the same room without physical altercation…Those relationships NEED life survival tactics.

Nevertheless, living with someone with bipolar disorder is not an automatic condemnation FOREVER having  an unhappy and unhealthy relationship!  You may need to adjust how you define where the “happy and health is at and aim for it.  Talk about it together.  GET on the same page.”

Truth is if we work REALLY HARD, we may have some chance of a HAPPY relationship as a person without a mental illness. AND isn’t that what we want anyway- equality. (Any relationship–with or without the challenges of a chronic illness–takes work.)

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Chato Stewart