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In the above Mental Health Humor cartoon, can you pin-point any of my common “Symptoms of Bipolar?”

During a manic phase, symptoms include:

  • heightened sense of self-importance
  • exaggerated positive outlook
  • significantly decreased need for sleep
  • poor appetite and weight loss
  • racing speech, flight of ideas, impulsiveness
  • ideas that move quickly from one subject to the next
  • poor concentration, easy distractibility
  • increased activity level
  • excessive involvement in pleasurable activities
  • poor financial choices, rash spending sprees
  • excessive irritability, aggressive behavior

During a depressed phase, symptoms include:

  • feelings of sadness or hopelessness
  • loss of interest in pleasurable or usual activities
  • difficulty sleeping; early-morning awakening
  • loss of energy and constant lethargy
  • sense of guilt or low self-esteem
  • difficulty concentrating
  • negative thoughts about the future
  • weight gain or weight loss
  • talk of suicide or death Symptoms Of Bipolar Disorder(Manic Depression)

This recently triggered a few of the above symptoms.

“Ever wonder if there is really even such thing as bipolar disorder, or whether its just a lazy diagnosis when you can’t find evidence of anything else?”

(- This recent FACEBOOK  comment that wanted to make me SCREAM!!! What The BLA-BLA-BLANK-BLA-BLA!!!!)

I know you want to add some choice words to say right now too…I am sure you have case studies and research and years of knowledge to give this person the who-what-and for-speech!  It has been a few weeks (or more) since I got that comment on a posted Cartoon at Psych Central page. I did not want to even comment back to the troll.  Instead, I just approached the comment and the person with apathy.  They were seeking a public argument calling into question the validity of mental illness as a real “thing” and those that diagnose Bipolar Disorder as incompetent quacks.

I put the whole thing on the proverbial “back-burner!” – i.e.”put it on the back burner.

My Symptoms of Bipolar

The following is a graph description of a glimpse of what my “a lazy ‘Bipolar’ diagnosis” feels like – NOTE : it could be a trigger for some I DON’T RECOMMEND YOU READ IT–IF YOU’RE SENSITIVE TO DARK IMAGERY.”

I am Chato Stewart. The cartoonist behind the original Mental Health Humor Cartoons, started in 2008 and moved to Psych Central 5 years ago. Most of the time my blogs are meant to lighten with dabs of humor …with hopefully a Mental health humor cartoon that may make you laugh. Or may make you think, or may make  You say, “I don’t get it.”  Trust the people who do get it, they absolutely understand..  When I started thinking of this blog post about dealing with difficult people…I had a few people in mind, but I had to Put it on the back burner.

There are two things I have found most helpful if you have issues with someone- DON’T let it fester.  Don’t immediately toss it to the back burner without trying to fix it.  Living with Bipolar Disorder, I know I have caused a lot of “pain” and I have had to mend a lot of fences and rebuild many bridges. Sometimes over and over again.

Have an OPEN HEART – TRY to understand that yes, we may “LIVE with the daily pain and anguish of the darkest depths of our inner loathsome hepless lives> SOMETIMES< then get help and meds > and we are may be 10%=35% of our old self but we are improving in our dark, damp dungeon of words in our head, fighting every inch to make it better even for just one second, one damn second of relief.  We are intertwined in a labyrinth of our own world. Punching to get out, our fists are bloody and knuckles bear to the bone, but we lunge every punch as to numb out the illness inside.  On the outside, we look like you.  But inside: war, in the trenches, and death stench and rot abound.  The reaper is on our heals, yet we fight. Day-in-day-out. no so “lazy”, it’s a lot of hard work to stay alive.