Growing up I could not understand why–it seemed like my father was always angry?  From when I was around 6 till I was out of the house, he always had a mean streak.  Yet when my father was balanced, he was an extremely loving and caring person.  He taught me many life lessons from caring for animals to helping people in need.  While my father did have limits to and growing up there was some very messed up stuff (mostly due to the fact that he was living a life with uncontrolled bipolar disorder, compounded with physical injury to his spine that should have had him in a wheelchair back in the 70’s and 80’s)…yet all the pain drugs and trial drugs, for his condition(s), did not help his mood disorder. I believe it feed it fuel. I know he loved me is his own way.

On thing we did together was baseball.  He signed me up to play and would toss the ball around.  The above, Mental Health Humor cartoon, would have made him laugh.  Nowadays, there is a long-list of Baseball Players Accused Of Using Performance-Enhancing Drugs.

Performance-Enhancing Drugs, in sports are wrong, we know it, it’s cheating; but in life: Performance-Enhancing Drugs help so we can function normally, go about our day-today.  It’s not cheating death, or cheating life, is it?

Mental Health humor cheating death