1553_MentalHealthHumor Plex – A male magic yellow robot and the oldest of the gabbas drunk derpressed

This is part 3 of a 6 part blog series. Each post is  one part of a complete Mental Health Humor Cartoon.

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Yo, is there any reason to think we can find a robot relaxing?  Gosh, if you watch TV, you might of seen the show the HumansIt is about creepy Blade Runner (Movie in 1982 Fantasy/Thriller starring Harrison Ford) life-like robots/androids.  Humanoids that lack feelings?  Sounds like me–when I’m depressed.  Just going through the motions like a robot…beep-beep-bot-boot-beep!

Bipolar Depression can really suck dry the “Hydrogen power cell” of this bot… Need to find a way to get some relaxation techniques that will charge up the battery cells.

Topping this off with the anxieties of the day-to-day is like smacking you around like a tin man in a rock crusher.



Yo, one key factor feeding bipolar, depression and anxiety seems to be stress.  Sometimes as with my depression, that stress could be just getting out of bed or getting motivated… Or when I can’t sleep, and I will be awake for a few days or more only getting “catnaps” – until I just pass out!  During this period, my stress level is high.  No amount of tolerance can tolerate it, the littlest things break the eggshell exterior.

It’s times like these I wonder if being a robot would be an ideal thing…but is that what I would be? a thing?

So, Yo, being human is a good thing, stress and all!

Now we just have to take care of the depression.

Yo, if you have kids, you should see a connection in this grouping of post cartoon characters I’m drawing.  Trust me there is a connection.


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