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Archives for May, 2015

* Mental Health Humor

Is Your Depression And Bipolar Medication Harming You?

Depression medication Bottle: Get him, get him Good!
Caption: Do your depression meds harm you?

In this Over-Medicated Mental Health Humor cartoon, we look at some pro's and con's of taking meds in this over-medicated and over-diagnosed world we find ourselves in.  This is no joke. There are many long lasting side-effects. The worst on both sides of the issue is DEATH.

There are many valid reasons for not taking medication. There are many valid personal reasons that could be as simple as "I...
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- Mental Health Humor By Chato Stewart

BP Hope And National Cartoonists Day And Chato Stewart

May 5th - National Cartoonists Day. I was deeply moved and honored for being recognized via a Facebook MEME on National Cartoonists Day. BP HOPE Magazine took the time to recognize me on this most special day. The purpose of the Mental Health humour cartoons has never changed. The purpose? To be using humor as a healthy coping skill and mechanism in dealing with the serious debilitating effects of mental illness and psychological disorders . Humor is healthy, thit being said. I must...
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