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Archives for April, 2015

- Mental Health Humor By Chato Stewart

Fork:You – Who TO Blame For Your Eating Disorder?

Powerpoint presentation:
Not The Fork. Who "TO" blame for your eating disorder?

 Your parents
Your girlfriend / wife
Genetics"big bones"
Fat shaming

Not The Fork (* or knife or spoon )

Stainless Steel Dinner Fork: Told you, Brian in Public Relations would keep us all stainless.

Caption: Cutlery’s PR Rep spins unsubstantiated rumors they cause Eating Disorders.

Mental Health...
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* Mental Health Humor

Spring Your Mind: Benefits of Bird Watching

#MHHCartoon  panel 1| Bob: Wow, a Red Tailed Hawk! (Hat: I Heart Bird Window = 'i love bird watching' t-shirt:Urban Birding)
#MHHCartoon  panel 2| Red Tailed Hawk: "SMACK!"  (Red Tailed Hawk crashed into a building window pane and slowly sliding down dead)
#MHHCartoon  panel 3| Bob: "That Hawk almost got to 10th street!"
Caption: The Joy of Inner City watching can be "Pane-full".

Yes, we are a month into spring, but for many, in the country, it was a bit belated due to record amounts of snowfall this...
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