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Archives for January, 2015

- Mental Health Humor By Chato Stewart

Congratulations Psych Central!

Celebrate 20 years with Dr. John
Let's celebrate (and Congratulate) Psych Central's 20th Anniversary with Founder Dr. John Yes, it was twenty years ago, Psych Central began pioneering the cyberspace frontier with forums, message boards and a network designed to share information about mental health issues. Thus, "Cyber Advocacy" was born 20 years ago to "Dr. John" (as we affectionately call him).

I joined the Psych Central family April 23, 2010.  It has been...
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The Family Stew

Top 5 Favorite 2014 The Family Stew Cartoons

Top 5 Favorite 2014 The Family Stew Cartoons
Here are Mental Health Humor's top 5 "The Family Stew" cartoons. The Family Stew Cartoon series is drawn by me and about me Chato Stewart and about me. Yes, I may be best known for my Mental Health Humor cartoons, but this series grew out of it. It is the balanced of a blend of mental illness advocacy and my psychological disorders mixed with of course "family" issues. Yes, I am  a father, husband, and consumer and...
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