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CBS’s Black Box -Love it or HATE IT, It’s Been Canceled!

CBS’s Black Box -Love it or HATE IT, it’s been canceled! I mean hate it with a passion that would make water boil, for it’s blatant stereotypical “bipolar disorder” or the fact that it just had a predictable storyline with periodical drama-less drama. Not just the over the top “sex-crazed bipolar ~ drug seeking neurologist” –

That paints a great picture of what ALL BIPOLAR people are like…er,ah excuse me, I  mean to say what all people “WHO LIVE WITH BIPOLAR DISORDER” are like… PEOPLE FIRST terms!  If we are not shooting and on a killing spree and sexing every one up – Thank you mass-media and the very small percentage of people with (normally undiagnosed or in denial) mental illness that do fit this blatant media stereotype.  You mess it up for the rest of us.  STOP STIGMA.

In a recent BP HOPE article titled “Are we ready for our close-up,” looked at t.v. shows like Homeland and Black Box:

““Media” in these terms typically includes news outlets. Yet fictional TV and movie characters who are presented as dangerous because of a mental illness, or as figures of ridicule (as on some children’s programs), obviously reinforce harmful stereotypes and reduce empathy. “

If you don’t watch t.v. the ABC show titled “Black Box,” is about an awesomely smart female neuroscientist with bipolar…the hypersexuality stereotype was the first card they tossed at viewers in the first or second episode…along with drug addiction, mania, self- medicating, rejecting-then accepting -then re-jecticting help… I think it was too much. It was very done in a tasteless way.  I never watched more than 3 full shows and just panned the reviews from others willing to still sit through it…but looks like not many were willing.

On August 7, 2014, ABC announced series Black Box will not be returning for a second season Entertainment Weekly reports.  Here is how the E-Weekly reported it:

Black-Box Kelly Reilly as a sex-crazed bipolar genius neurologistABC is packing away Black Box.

We’re told the network has officially canceled the soap, which attempted to fill the high-profile Scandal slot on Thursday nights. The mid-season series starred Kelly Reilly as a sex-crazed bipolar genius neurologist (no, really!). All 13 episodes of the first season aired, with the finale running July 24, and ABC confirmed Thursday it will not order a second round.

Black-Box Kelly Reilly as a sex-crazed bipolar genius neurologist2Is that what you want people to think? ALL “bipolar” people are like…I know some guys are hoping it’s true, but the hypersexuality stereotype in not the illness.  It effects only a percentage of both men and woman with bipolar, but that also comes with many other symptoms.  But, I am sure that’s why it got the full 13 Black Box sells.

Is not just me, but I love this from a Psych Central Forum, the below are quotes from the same person, the show won them over:

The show really lacks. It’s frustrating to me because I WANT to like it. I’m still not understanding what Catherine’s bipolar illness has to do with any of the rest of the show. I think it was a mistake to portray Catherine as a neurologist. I would find it far more believable and interesting if she was an artist or musician. Neuroscience seems like something she does because she has to have a job. She might as well be working in a grocery store, or working as a bartender. Being an MD…..I just don’t see where it all connects. ~Anonymous May 2014

Okay, this week’s episode was, I thought, the best one by far. I was glad to watch it…then found out it won’t be broadcast again until June 19th! I have the feeling that I’m the only person on this forum who watches Black Box, LOL ~Anonymous May 30 2014

I enjoyed the final show of the season…. It’s too bad, really…the cast is strong and I think the show could have developed into something stronger. But the writing just seems to stagnate in many ways. Anonymous July 26, 2014


When you have a sexy woman like Kelly Reilly and her “character” as a neuroscientist with bipolar disorder sensationalized mania with hypersexuality stereotype… Those are not symptoms…it ABC’s playing Mind Games…OH, wait they canceled the show Mind Games…I was getting it to that one.


Image Credit: Giovanni Rufino/ABC 
Photo credit: ABC/Andrew Eccles

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CBS’s Black Box -Love it or HATE IT, It’s Been Canceled!

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