Taste the Rainbow Mental Health Humor cartoon 100% compliance might be more realistic than humorous.

Here a depressing thought, Of ALL the Psychiatric Medications Prescribed in 2013 the top 8 were for Depression… It’s enough to make you sick with worry ~ but Hey, the other 2 meds were for Anxiety. So, you should be okay.


Desyrel|Lexapro|Cymbalta|Wellbutrin XL|Effexor ER

The truth is all but Xanax and Ativan can be used for both Depression and Anxiety.

What I love about Xanax and Ativan is that one of their possible side effects is “anxiety and depression” – REALLY!!!  Only in the mental health world can we take meds to cure one symptom that will cause the very symptom it’s meant to cure and okay…You don’t see cancer patients being infected with cancer to cure cancer… At least, I don’t hear of that.


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