Grass is Greener

Do You Care If The Grass Is Always Greener On The Other Side – Why Maybe You Should!

Keeping up with the Joneses or staying ahead of the Smiths– have you ever heard that expression? What about the expression, the grass is always greener on the other side of the fence? It’s easy to see the outside shell or façade and immediately judge them to be better or worse. To judge a book by its cover is to be human no doubt. However, it’s puzzling to me that the grass always seems green in my neighbor’s yard.

Joe has so many better items than me, he has a better home. Joe has a better car, and Joe’s kids have better clothes. Joe always has the newest gadgets: iPhone, iPad, the Google glasses. Joe just bought this week…Too bad Joe doesn’t have electricity or running water or gasoline.

Okay, yes Joe is a parable of a person seemingly having everything on the outside but lacks what is important on the inside. You cannot play on you ipad long with no electricity and with no running water forget about flushing the toilet or taking a shower! No gasoline, that new car is just a lawn ornament.

I truly believe all this thinking on Joe’s “things” is disingenuous to our well-being. Adding empty empowerment to materialistic ideas and financial gain as the only way for success. When it comes to mental illness such as depression, bipolar disorder, schizophrenia, borderline personality disorder, anxiety, Body Dysmorphic Disorder (BDD), and a host of other classified disorders, the rich are not excluded. You can’t buy your way out of mental illness. You may be able to buy better services, and their advantages, but the afflicted can have the best well groomed and maintained yards with the greenest Kentucky bluegrass and still be needing the most psychiatric care! Or you could be as poor as me having a yard filled with weeds and mixed with crabgrass. Scraping by with Medicaid and limited in your services, yet be in recovery. Let me ask you what is worth more to you: your mind or $1 million? If you lost your mind, what good is $1 million?

Envy, Strife, Vindictiveness and Jealousy Don’t Make Good Fertilizers
Do you care if the grass is greener on the other side? Human nature would deem it impossible for us not to have some inkling of interest. Does this mean there could be some jealousy, or envy, or spite… Yes, of course! We humans have a problem seeing other people succeed while we fail. It’s hard for many people to genuinely feel good for someone else’s success over something that they have been trying to succeed with themselves. Possibly, they missed the opportunity or lack the experience to figure out a solution, or just didn’t have the financial backing…whatever the case they failed.
Anyone can, generally speaking feel good for anyone else’s success in something they haven’t tried or could care less about…But when you put your heart, soul, and mind into a project and you believe in it so much and then fall flat on your face and fail….Only to see your predecessor ease by you, that’s when the true person’s heart is tested… Can you genuinely feel good that they beat you?? Can you be a good sport?? Or will Jealousy set seed to vindictiveness that might actually make you react?

You may think….”Their grass is greener?..I’ll show them how green the grass is” says the dissented mind…going down to the Ace Hardware store and buying the grass killer and spraying five gallons all over your predecessors beautiful green front yard! All the while mumbling… “Their grass is greener”…“Their grass is greener.”

Biological Reasons for Greener Grass Gives Us Something To Think About
I’m not a Botanists, Biologist, Pedologist, Archaeologist, farmer, nor do I “toil the soil”, so when it comes to telling you how to get greener grass, I would tell you to refer to your landscaper per se. But for the sake of this blog post, let’s pretend, I am ecologically curious. Having a base knowledge on grass green.
We are talking physically, and about physical grass, as within my mental health humor cartoon above. As I see it, besides water, the only other reason for having green grass simply is what’s underneath all that nice green grass. Most landscapers used the rich 2” to 6” topsoil mixed with cow or horse dung to fertilize the dirt. So, it could be said that underneath that green grass there’s a lot of crap!

Could the same be true in life?