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Archives for April, 2014

- Mental Health Humor By Chato Stewart

5 Initial Assessments Needed To Get You Accurate Patient Placement

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My Top 6 Gorski on Charting cartoons On:
Billing Service
Here is my latest cartoon used for Medivance Educational Blog Series: “Gorski on Charting”, Increasing Revenue with Effective Patient Charting Screening, Charting and Patient Placement.

"An initial Assessment needs to accurately describe Patient Description, Presenting Problems, Brief Treatment History, Initial Diagnosis and Treatment Recommendations. In this blog, “Screening, Charting...
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VIDEO: DBSA Stronger Together Conference “Stand-Up for Mental Health”

A while back, well it's been almost a year, I was at the Depression and Bipolar Support Alliance (DBSA) 2013 Conference Miami. The theme was "Stronger Together".  As the Mental Health Humor cartoonist at the conference, I got to share many of my take part in my third Stand-Up for Mental Health comedy show.  The video of the the show was lost due to technical issues.  The videographer audio was not working right. So all you...
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-2014 Mental Health Humor Psychological Disorders Cartoons

Here is Some Criteria History of Diagnosing Addiction

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My Top 6 Gorski on Charting cartoons On:
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Terrence Gorski is a prolific writer and author of many self-help books and manuals for overcoming addiction and mental health issues. He is writing for Medivance Billing services blog. I have the privilege and honor of illustrating each blog post with my Mental Health Humor  style...
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