Can People with Bipolar Disorder Have A Stable Relationship?

It was 23 years ago this month, on February 10th, I proposed to my wife, Joan Winifred. Yet, it’s only been the last 10 years that I have made progress in finding stability in my own head. Now I’m not going to tell you we have a fairytale marriage. Quite frankly, I get suspicious when people tell me how happy their marriage is and how much they love their mate because they are “soul-mates.” The fact is I’ve known quite a few couples that on the outside seemingly had it all together, it was projected and reinforced how “great” their marriage was every time you talked to them.  Of course, they are no longer married. Then, you have other couples who passionately disagree and/or yell and are still together years later. Nevertheless, I do believe there is someone for everyone!

For marriage to grow and be happy, you need to take care of it as if it was a plant. Give it love and sunshine. Balance that with compassionate water, and sustain the foundation with good soil. My goodness, I just compared marriage to a plant? Actually, I think that’s kind of a cool illustration.

Marriage takes work, and even though love is forever that doesn’t quite mean that marriage is going to be happy 100% of the time. I enjoy the truth about love and marriage. Consisting of ups (the good times) and downs (the times that make your hair turn gray or fallout). We weather the storms so we stick closer and have a deeper relationship bond. What happens to marriages when you’re bipolar?


Can People with Bipolar Disorder Have Healthy Relationships

Can people with Bipolar Disorder have healthy relationships?  First, why are the relationships of people with Bipolar Disorder called into question? Couldn’t it be any mental illness or the general public for that matter, that I question their relationship status? Yes, if you’re questioning or thinking this idea even in the slightest, let me just refresh your memory that I am living with Bipolar and my wife is living with me. Subsequently, the subject matter of this Mental Health Humor blog is going to focus on Bi-polar Disorder and be associated with manic depressive disorders, depression and such psychiatric issues including LOVE. I only say this because sometimes, you’re not sure exactly who’s reading the blog. And quite frankly, anyone who’s been in love shows all the signs of a psychiatric disorder…From being euphoric, depressed, overjoyed and manic. Well you get the picture, you can even throw in hypersexuality also.

“Navigating any romantic relationship — whether it’s dating or marriage — can be a tricky endeavor. Add Bipolar Disorder with its roller-coaster ride of emotions into the mix, and relationships become even more challenging.” Says Webmd bipolar-(Romantic Relationships dating and marriage)

“One thing to make sure of is that you have a well-informed spouse. Without them knowing about what’s different about you, it’s very hard for them to live with you. As all do, I have my good and bad days, but the goal is to have more good than bad! I love my wife!–J.G., Dallas, GA From BP HOPE SOUND OFF: (Maintaining a long-term relationship or marriage when one partner has bipolar disorder is a challenge. Many couples make it work. How have you succeeded in your loving relationship?)

Let’s answer this question: Can people with Bipolar Disorder have a healthy relationship? What do you think…

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