Does This Sound Like Failure?

Does this sound like someone you may know? They/You have a dead-end job and work is unfulfilled and joyless, stressful, and not only are they unappreciated. Are you so under paid and over qualified that every time you’re punching your time, you feel your life force sucked out of you?

Maybe the problem is when you come came home…to an unhappy marriage…”a quarrelsome wife/husband is like a roof that never stops leaking”… When there is fight, or no respect then the home becomes toxic and hostile.  Without respect, they won’t care about each others feelings and may, in fact, look for a way to dig their nails into a painful subject, “just looking for a fight: as one of the keys to a happy and lasting marriage.”

They may have suffered greatly both physical chronic illness and/or mood or mental illness like Bipolar Disorder, Depression, Anxiety…”Even worse, I could see no way out. I felt stuck, misunderstood, unfocused, unbalanced, & lost.”

Does this sound like anyone you might know in part or in whole, maybe you think I’m telling your story.  What can you do?  What if I told you just three minutes a day could help if you’re willing to do a A Daily Practice?


VICTORIA GIGANTE’S  21 Days To A Daily Practice

Victoria Gigante offers an ebook “21 Days To A Daily Practice: A Guide To Taking Back Control Of Your Life By Taking Back Control Of Your Personal Time”. In it she offers some very simple and effective ways to increase our focus, and as the Mental Health Humor cartoons caption says, “Don’t Set Yourself  Up For Failure!”

It is a 21 day program that has you focusing just 3 minutes a day on your daily practice… that is only 1 hour and three minutes out of 504 hours.  I did this back in May, but with the cartoon-a-thon going on, I dropped off at day 11…

I do my own daily Practice, but it’s more of a brainstorm for the cartoons I might want to draw.  Started up again today with my first Practice.

You signed up for the free e-course, 21 Days to a Daily Practice.

Thanks Vicky. 🙂