Luc-id State Of Mind - Yoka

One might argue, that I have a childish humor and childish intellect and my Mental Health Humor cartoons therefore reflect that… I would not disagree to such a description of my myrrthology.  I love to laugh and my kids love to laugh so it would only make sense my funny bone is at their height.

I’ve talked about how I love to draw with my kids a lot, here is my son Luc’s (French spelling of Luke) very first published (Here on Psych Central) cartoon for his very own comic series called, “Luc[id] State of Mind” a cartoon based on what else: stuff he likes to draw… Mostly Star Wars and Legos.  I asked him to introduce himself, so I will let him take it from here:

Luc Stewart-  Luc-id State Of Mind – Yoka Large Copy link

To everyone who is reading this: This is my first Luc’s state of mind cartoon. I actually wrote and drew most of this cartoon in October with help from my dad. We were using it for a Sunday Silly, but had to postpone it because my father was taking part in growing his cool mustache for Movember.  But that’s okay because it gave me time to work on getting it just right.

I drew my idea myself on a sketch storyboard.  That’s what Dad wanted us to do, sketch out the idea for cartoons and submit them to him and then we would work on them together. I wanted to do something with Star Wars as comics.  My Dad and I wrote up some ideas. Soon it came together as a joke about Yoda as Yoka…

I really enjoy finding jokes with my Pops because many times I’ll have an idea and my Dad will help me look at that idea differently. Then when we combine our ideas it’s really funny… Sometimes we laugh more coming up with the jokes and cartoons, then during the time spent drawing them.

Anyway, this should be the first of many to come. My name is Luc, and my cartoon series is called “Luc-[id] State of mind.”

Dad said I’ll be able to post from time to time on  his Sunday Silly Series. I hope you like my comic.