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Sunday Silly: iPhone


Sunday Silly By Chato Stewart's Girl Dj age 10 - Title Eye Phone (iphone)
Sunday Silly By Chato Stewart’s Girl Dj age 10 – Title Eye Phone (iphone)

It’s time for today’s Sunday Silly. I am happy to announce, from now on, each Sunday Silly that I publish will be part of Mental Health Humor Cartoon family series: “The Family Stew.”  They will be drawn with a little help from me, but will be mostly drawn by my kids: AJ age 8, DJ age 10, BB age12 and LP age 14.

Today’s Sunday Silly was conceived by DJ.  She submitted to me the draft of the cartoon idea, I gave her a few helpful nudges and she did the rest.  She calls it her first Eye Phone (iphone).

Our next Sunday Silly subject: Happy Chicken

Chato Stewart is a Depression Bipolar Support Alliance Ambassador and Consumer Peer Ambassador South West Fla. Winner of the most sought after and honored WEGO Health Activist Award – Hilarious Health Activist. As a self-proclaimed psychological disorders Mirth Artist, he has dedicated his wonderful talent and sense of humor to help his peers.  His Motto has never wavered: to use humor to give help, hope, healing and may be draw a funny cartoon once in a while.
 Or as one Facebook Friend said:
I love all your pictures (cartoons) they make me laugh, and make me look past my symptoms I have from my mental health issues. I also look past the stigma as well. What a great talent to have.” – JA
Sunday Silly: iPhone



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