2013 Mental Health Humor Bipolar Skin Tag Sunday Silly Acorchodon  Chato Stewart

Bipolar Skin Tag Happy: I love Life
Bipolar Skin Tag Sad : I wish I was a ZIT!
Topical Drops: Tag-B-Gone
Caption: Bipolar Stereo-“topical”-skin tag – Sunday Silly

Yes it’s true, 46% in the general population have benign (not cancerous) tumors or acrochorda. You might know this term best as those little-rice-like skin tags under your arms or where ever your skin creases.

When I was in my teens: too young, too vain and too cool to ask a doctor, parent or the internet (the Internet was just an idea back then) about skin tags. I would pull them off… man they would hurt, but  I only had a few. So, that was okay and it kind of fed into my self-injury at the time.

Over the years they grew in number, then would shrink. I figured friction rubbed them away, but I just read friction might be why I was getting them. Talked to a doctor about 15 years ago and his word is that they were “nothing to worry about.”  No elaboration, nothing for me to read or research, just – FOR-GET-about-IT! and I did.

DAD, what are those “things” (skin tags) under your arm?

The other night I was having fun story time with my kids. I call it fun, because well, it’s fun and it’s about my life growing up and all the stuff I did.. some good, some bad and some ugly – I make it age-approach and try to put a moral or life lesson to it.  Sometimes, it’s just fun to laugh at some of the silly things I did.  Well during the story, my youngest, Belly, out of the blue asks, “DAD what are those “things” under your arm?

I’ve talked about it with the older kids before, not so much with “Belly” who is now eight. You know how an eight year old’s have very inquisitive minds, always putting things together. So as a good Dad, I sat her down and with a calm tone in my voice I said,

Each one of those rice shape bumps under my arm is where Daddy keeps his bad memories.”

Without missing a beat (my Belly perks up with a smile ear to ear) and says:

Dada, don’t you mean ‘smelly memories’!

That’s why today’s Sunday Silly is about the topic of skin tags. This cartoon is dedicated to my Belly!
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Chato Stewart