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Archives for September, 2013

- Mental Health Humor By Chato Stewart

Famous Mayor Exposes Negative Food Propaganda to Help Binge Eaters

Mayor Mccheese (Mayor of McDonaldland from 1971 to 1985) says National Cheeseburger Day is nothing more than Food Propaganda!  Disgruntled mayor?! or is he just trying to save his own buns!

Mayor Mccheese's least favorite holiday: National Cheeseburger Day

Binge Eating Disorder: "Binge eating is an eating disorder in which a person eats a much larger amount of food in a shorter period of time...
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* Mental Health Humor

Deadly Brain Amoebas In Treated Water

 Water Treatment To Your Lips
“We have never seen Naegleria colonizing a treated water supply before,” said Dr. Michael Beach, head of water safety for the CDC. “From a perspective this is a unique situation.” They found it in the Louisiana water , drinkable Typically municipal drinking water is treated with filtration and chlorination, normally this is effective at killing 99% disease-causing organisms. ...
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* Mental Health Humor

Mindfulness: Clear your Mind

 Caption: Mindfulness Clear your Mind
I wish I was that good at mindfulness, to be able to just wipe away everything like clicking a delete button, then focus on nothing.  I can do it, but it's normally due to medications and I black out and sleep. Nothing mind full in sleep like that, more like mind-void.  It's not relaxing or comforting it just...
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* Mental Health Humor

Ambiguous Life Lessons

Natures Ambiguous Life Lesson

Never Let go? Never Give Up? Look Before You Cross? Nature's Ambiguous Life Lessons, it's no wonder why you're confused. Yes, it's a cartoon I drew about Life Lessons!

Please feel free to tweet or post it on your Facebook wall with the hash tag #lifelessons. You can use the links below to share and if you have...
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