Zombie Mental Health Medication Bottle: RE-FILL ME… RE-FILL EM!
Peer to Peer Pear: (pointing and tossing the prescription in the air)
Caption: Are Psycho-Meds Giving You The Heebeegeebees?


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Chato Stewart’s cartoon Notes:

Today’s Psychtoon has me tapping into my Over-Medicated cartoon series.  While the joke should stand alone as funny (at least I hope humorous) with the zombie medicine bottle chasing the Pear (In my world Pears represents peer to peers, consumers/survivors/patients/psychiatric clients).

Now normally I have the basic idea for the cartoon already prefigured in my head, the difficulty comes in the ability of my limited skills to draw exactly what I am seeing.  As I improve my skills I am able to incorporate more details and the drawings actually look more or less how I see them in my head.

Example would be that this cartoon was going to be about medication and rashes, but I just did not feel it was the right caption.  I knew I wanted to use word Psycho-meds, in fact it was that term that gave me the whole idea for the cartoon.  In the end I felt the title ‘Are Psycho-Meds Giving You The Heebeegeebees‘.  Besides I always like the term/slang heebeegeebee.

In the end, I think my zombie medicine bottle conveys a poignant point and to the avid reader will be able to take away a few laughs or giggles from this particular cartoon. 

If you see a comparison between the term “re-fill me, re-fillme” and another movie called classic you could be right… It’s just missing the name Seymour which I removed instead of “feed me Seymour”, I was going to use a refill me Seymour, but I think that this complicated the cartoon.

And those are my notes for today’s cartoon. I hope you enjoy.  By the way if you’re wondering what medication is, it’s lithium.

Chato Stewart – 🙂