2013 Mental Health Humor - Mental Health Recovery Sooner or Later Medication Will Cross Your Path - Chato Stewart

Mental Health Recovery Sooner or Later Medication Will Cross Your Path
Scary arms on the bottle was my son LP’s idea.

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When you’re diagnosed as being mentally ill: bipolar disorder, schizophrenia, borderline personality disorder, anxiety, depression, mood disorders, you know, when you get labeled CRAZY, You then become a target!…(being stigmatized as crazy is the least of our problems.)

Once we are diagnosed, we become targeted as a multibillion-dollar consumer of pharmaceuticals! Medication and recovery is a slippery slope, mixed up with BIG Pharmacy, controversy, and high prices of medications–along with the validity of taking medication. Not to mention, finding the right combination that works but does not have debilitating side effects.  Talking to a registered nurse (with 20 years experience) told me “every pharmaceutical has a side effect.”

SOME would argue until their last breath that “you will not have achieved successful mental remission” without medications.  While others can tell you such horror stories you would rather suffer with the symptoms than ever put a pill on your tongue.

It’s no secret, here in the United States we may have become a bit of a Prozac nation,over medicating and then sorting out the pieces later. This has led to a lot of bitter taste in the mouth of many as to seeking professional help for psychiatric disorders or mood disorders.

While it’s true you will most likely be prescribed a medication before you are given any type of in-depth psych evaluation…That should not be the reason why you don’t go get help.  Still there needs to be questions asked: why medications/chemicals are a first line of defense for treating mental illness? Why are we more willing to take a pill than take a class/behavioral therapy?