Inner Wisdom-less ends In Pain

Chato Stewart in BowlerI remember my mother telling me, some 30 years ago, that “one day I would be sorry for chewing gum“.  I could hear my mother’s mantra “one day I would be sorry for chewing gum” while I sat with my Novocaine-numbed head as I sat in dentist’s chair.  Was today that day?

Or is it due to rejecting my own inner wisdom that landed me in the chair, perhaps. Chewed gum fanatically and totally addicted to Big Red until I was 30….when I had two root-canals done on both sides of my teeth. After that, I was very “aware” of my dental hygiene.

Until we moved to Florida, I had very good teeth and took great care of them! My inner wisdom was working back then. Well to some degree, anyway.

Okay, my Inner Wisdom was not 100% on all things. When I was able to get some psychological help, some WELL-NEEDED help. The last thing I ever thought of was my teeth when you’re concerned about your mind.

Inner Wisdom-less can be Avoided

I define Inner wisdom-less as knowing but not doing– having intuition, but ignoring itInsight with apathy of consequence.  I was told when I started taking my medications for my diagnosis of depression laced bipolar disorder, that the medication will have some unwanted side-effects.  One side effect was tooth decay possibly due to the dry-mouth. I was told by my doctor, at the time, to just have a good supply of throat lozenges.

Do you know what a throat lozenges really is? It’s candy! My inner wisdom knew this, but my inner wisdom-less won out. I would use throat lozenges and other hard candy to help with the dry mouth.

That brings me to today’s event… I had 2 teeth removed and one of them was my wisdom tooth.  My inner wisdom has lost a little of its bite!

2013 Mental Health Humor - Inner Wisdom-less Tooth - Chato Stewart

Dentist: (reviewing the x-ray) I see you’re still chewing gum & drinking Soda!
Caption: Inner Wisdom-less Tooth
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Chato’s Cartoon Notes:

I started this cartoon for my Sunday Silly on the 24th. I had 2 toothaches from teeth that need to be pulled that I could not finish it. I was in pain all week. I wanted to use it for the 31st Sunday Silly.  Today is Monday and I just had 2 teeth pulled. I’m still a bit numb, so I seized the time and drew the cartoon. 🙂

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