Awarded to the Health Activist who makes you laugh alongside their advocacy. 

Chato in LobbyToday, I got a package in the mail. One I was expecting, but far exceeded my expectations. I believed I was going to get an oversize-envelope in the mail with a print out that informing me that I was a Hilarious Health Activist Award finalist! (This make two years in a row I made the short list of finalists.)

I would have been honored and satisfied being acknowledged in print for this ever growing prestigious WeGo Health award.

No, instead I received an oversize-box about an 18 package of Gatorade (I bet with this reference you can tell my preferred beverage). The box was huge about 25 inches long and 10 inches deep.

I almost did not accepted it because it was not overtly marked where it was coming from…i.e. – Boston or WeGo health. The only reason why I accepted it was because the other night, I got sucked into an Infomercial and in a weak moment ordered something that I now regret.

2011 Mental Health humor Styrofoam Behavioral Health ClinicI opened the box. The Styrofoam peanuts popped out of the box like popcorn popping out of an uncovered pot. To my delight, there was a beautiful white box within the packing.  It had a festive purple bow and the box was wrapped tightly with 2 purple over-lapping ribbons.

This can’t be what I ordered in my late night-stupor-spending-spree.

Nope!  It was a goodies package from WEGO Health to help me and my friends celebrate my Hilarious Finalist Status and the winner for this 2012 WeGo Health Activist Awards Ceremony on March 28th. The ceremony will run from 4-7pm EST.

To help get my party started during our virtual Awards Ceremony on March 28th , 2013…I received 2 plastic champagne flute glasses along with sparkling grape juice. I got a party hat and horn and a large 11×20 certificate announcing my status as a finalist. This truly was an AWESOME, kind and loving surprise!

Oh, and I even got a bonus of recyclable paper hair.

Hilarious Health Activist Award

Chato Stewart 2012 Hilarious Health Activist Award Finalist!


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