The Psychology  of Loving Relationships –

I see love as not romantic nor do I see love as chocolate, and surely not as flowers that die and wither up! I see love as perseverance. Love is long-suffering and “true” love is forever.  The psychology of love in my eyes is simple – Love is a noun, love is an adverb, love is a verb, love can be a conjunction, love is an adjective and love can be a past participle. And most definitely, a dangling participle. Indeed, the psychology of a loving relationship can fall into any grammatical category. Or simply put by Paul McCartney in the song:The End: And in the end, the love you take Is equal to the love you make…”

2013 Mental Health Humor -  love relationships psychology  - Chato Stewart

The psychology or Love and Relationships

come on jump in babe… Jump in! You’re not still upset about the gift I got you? I told you, I could only find my size socks. Come on, its MY vacation, let’s have some fun… Come on the water is safe.
Caption: Some are meant to be together forever… Others not so much.
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