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Archives for February, 2013

- Mental Health Humor By Chato Stewart


Little Franny

Playing with death Mental Health Humor cartoon by Chato

Death: [holding a pink jump rope]
Caption: Little Franny liked to play with
Mental Health Humor: All rights reserved©Chato B. Stewart 2014.

My Top 5 Favorite Mental Health Humor Cartoons On:

 Death &...
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- Mental Health Humor By Chato Stewart

I Know When I’m going to Die…

Cause My Birth Certificate has an expiration date on it!

The title and subtitle of this post is actually one of my favorite jokes from comedian Steven Wright.  But could you imagine if we had expiration dates? Maybe we should have an expiration date. Think...
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- Mental Health Humor By Chato Stewart

Sunday Silly: An Emotion – Anniversary Gift – Romantic Setting

Facebook Friend Suggested It and Chato Stewart Drew It -

Sunday Silly Cartoon:
On Saturday, I asked my Facebook Friends to give me 3 concepts for our Sunday silly cartoon:

1. An emotion
2. Traditional and modern anniversary gifts
3. Romantic setting

NOTE: February 10, 1991 -

Today's Sunday Silly has a lot more meaning to it then just silliness. It was 22 years ago that I asked Joan Winifred to marry me. ...
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