This will be quick, I just need to bring you all up to speed. First, we are all glad the world did not end on December 21!  Some of you, my readers, have been wondering where is Chato?? It was as if I fell off the face of the internet after I posted the cartoon “Are The Mayans At Your Door?“, well you’re almost right…no, I am not just coming out of my bomb shelter or some other underground accommodation. Nope! The world did not crash, but my computer’s hard-drive did!

I spent 3 days hacking my way back into the stupid thing only to get limited access… It was another week before I had all my back up files.  IF YOU WANT TO REDUCE A LOT OF STRESS … NEVER BACK UP YOUR IMPORTANT FILES ON THE SAME COMPUTER THEY ON IN THE FIRST PLACE!!!

On top of this, all my kids got the Flu, not a cold… Each one throwing up almost as if there is some weird circadian rhythm to the heaving.  OMG, how can a 7 year old have SO MUCH??? She must have puked more than half her own body weight!  YUCK! The book: “JOYS of parenthood” never talked about having 4 kids sick at the same time and parents sick while caring for them. (That must be in the follow-up addition.)

The fun page is when Daddy gets sick… It’s like an elephant falling down… you run to get out the way, but you know, no good will come of it…Here’s how I knew I was not doing too good, besides the day-long migraine, odd body aches, and sweating. Normally, I would chalk that up to the side-effects of the medications. So, here is how I knew this big, old lump of dad was going down for the count. My wife, Joan Winifred walks in my room and says: “Chato, you look pale.”

That’s when I knew–the stress was going to take its toll!  I pumped my body with Virastop 2X and hoped for the best. It’s VERY BAD when we (people living with mental health disorders) get sick, especially if on medications.  Many of the over the counter stuff can have negative drug interactions and when your goal is to be balanced and fear an episode then a lot of time we tend to “tough it out”…Which means a cold or flu which would take the average person a few days to a week to get out of their system, sometimes can take more weeks for others.

This is the second time in more than 3 years or so–our whole family (kids) got sick with the flu. I did the Virastop then too and I did not get sick at all. This time, I took it three days and was only sick for 24 hours while the rest of the family was sick for three and still counting. Needless to say, I’m keeping the stuff around.

Okay, so now my stress levels are down. Thanks to writing this post – sorry I used you for therapy!…the way I figure it, you owe me a little therapeutic time with all the free cartoons I have drawn for you.

As I get back into the swing of things, I look forward to the many “new” things 2012 has stored up for me…I said that right: 2012…I’m a procrastinator.