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When you rely on a mental health care system that is maxed to it limit and bleeding out, such as what we have here in my town of Florida. Then you can understand that there are many of us uninsured or on Medicaid that fall through the cracks. In concordance with Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA), I will not reveal the name of my DEEP-Cover contact at a local mental health center. But, they shared with me how  bad the need really is here. This person told me that 3 years ago their client base JUMPED 450%!!!  Now 80% of what they do is just write scripts and meet with you every 3 months or until you run out of medications.

That bring us to today’s cartoon titled: Prescription Dependency. It really has nothing to do with the above-paragraph other then the topic is about taking medications. Well, here’s a fun fact for all you new readers: My wife, Joan Winifred, made it a hard fast rule that for us to stay together, I needed to be medicated. (Or did she mean, she needed to be medicated.) I will have to look into that and get back to you. Anyway, Joan manages/gives me my meds. I never know what I have left until she tells me this is the last pill, really sweetheart, you should tell me long before I run out! Getting my pills is like clock-work, you could set a broken watch to my medication time and it would still be off a bit.  My body tells me if I miss a dose. My mood always seems to remind her when she forgets.

Prescription Dependency,

Little Girl: It’s really cold outside, look Daddy is frozen solid!
MoM: <remembering she forgot to give dad his meds>
Dad: <watch beeping>
Caption: Prescription Dependency

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