Day 12 – Monday, Nov. 12 Call BS on something. What’s something that is just ridiculous? #NHBPM

National Health Blog Post Month
Chato Stewart: That is one big pile BULL $#!%!
Caption: Bipolar Meds Don’t Make You FAT!  BS!

The We Go Health National Health Blog Post Month blog Party’s suggestion for today is to call BS (Bull $#!%) on something health related.  My first thought was when my very first therapist said my meds wont cause much wait gain.  BS!  I’m  380 pounds again and I’m giving up on weight-loss for now.  I feel so fat and I can’t break this cycle of bad diets.  I need help to stop this weight gain. I’m tired of hearing about Weight-Loss issues “Meds Don’t Cause Weight Problems – You DO!”  BS! #NHBPM


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