Note: I just read that Psy was linked to bullying and discrimination Reading this made me say woe to gasngnam style.

Day 26 – Monday, Nov. 26 Interview your health OR Make a chart / meme / poster and write about it. #NHBPM #NaBloPoMo 강남 스타일 - MEME -  Gangnam Style -National Health Blog Post Month

Chato Stewart:  Gangnam Style!
Caption: Meme

Day 26 of National Health Blog Post Month we go Gangnam Style!  Now if you’re not sure what Gangnam Style is…you need to Google it and watch the video for yourself.  It’s from a rapper/singer from SEOUL, South Korea.  The video “Gangnam Style” has become YouTube’s most viewed video of all time, watched over 805 million times as of Saturday afternoon, surpassing Justin Bieber’s “Baby,” views. (AP) This is my subject, my MEME (An Internet meme is a concept/joke/expression that spreads via the Internet) in the above-cartoon…

If you are feeling stressed or depressed, all you need to do is dance the Gangnam Style…It’s real simple. All you have to do is pretend you’re riding an invisible horse…That’s basically the dance. It works every time.  🙂


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