Day 13 – Tuesday, Nov. 13 Write about something taboo. #NHBPM

The Family Stew - Men Depression
Chato Stewart: {pensively looking upward at the sky pensive}
Caption: I can’t Be depressed…I’m a guy!

Days 13 of We Go Health blog Party’s One substantive focus on a taboo subject.  Now you may think the taboo subject would be suicide, you would be wrong. No, instead I will talk about the taboo subject of male Depression.  You see it is a fact men get depressed just as often as women. Then why is it that more women are receiving services for Depression than their counterparts? Simply put, it comes down to the stigma surrounding mental illness…Men are more likely to try to tough it out and suffer through it before they seek any help.

Speaking From Depression

Does this sound familiar?

I can’t be depressed… I’m a GUY! I don’t have the time to deal with this mood. So, I swallow the pain and move on. I avoid the help that is out there because I don’t want my other guy friends to think I’m weak. Yes, weak. The stigma of how others think of mental illness keeps me away from talking to anyone about my unrelenting feelings of despair. So I buck up and tell myself I can take this… I’m a GUY. We don’t complain about this type of thing!

This was how I felt until finally it got so bad that I needed to be hospitalized. Yes, it took a suicide attempt for me to wake up to getting help… It wasn’t until I wanted to end my life that I wanted to begin living my life!

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