Day 3 – Saturday, Nov. 3 “I don’t know about this, but I’d like to.” #NHBPM

 We Go Health - how-to give a ship

Books-A-Million: [Self Help]
Chato Stewart: Batten down the hatches…Wow, this book really speaks to me.
Book Title:  How-to Give a SHIP
Caption: Best Selling Book on Apathy

This cartoon for the 3rd day of the We Go Health’s month- long blog party tackles apathy.  My wife Joan Winifred did not get it right away, and quite frankly, I don’t care.  I don’t give a hoot if you can figure it out either. The idea is of a nautical book in the self-help section and that book actually being more helpful in teaching me too care.  Do you make the connection?  Well, not to be totally apathetic about this, but I could careless if you do…get it or not.  Apathy, life’s band-aid to actually having to give a crap.



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