Day 7 – Wednesday, Nov. 7 Redesign a doctor’s office or hospital room #NHBPM

National Health Blog Post Month
Caption: Chato Redesigns Dr. Bob’s new Cafe Office

If you’re wondering why I’m posting every day…because I’m taken part in We Go Health Activist networks National Health Blog Post Month. The blog party lasts 30 days in November with bloggers posting from every type of health activist group and network. The blog party even has suggested blog post titles called prompts for each day of the month. The blogger can either write about the prompt or write whatever they want that is health related. The goal is to post something each day of the month and use the hash tag #NHBPM for twitter. Today’s prompt: “redesign a doctor’s office or hospital room.”  In the spirit of redesigning, I took the opportunity to redesign the above-cartoon to fit this scenario.



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