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Chato Stewart: [Looking at all his cartoons for the month with a joyful tear in his eye.]
Caption: 30 cartoons for  National Health Blog Post Month

Day 30 of the National Health Blog Post Monthof the blog party at We Go Health.. What a wonderful experience of accomplishment I feel right now! With this blog post makes a complete 30 days and 30 posts for National Health Blog Post Month!

This is my second year participating. Last year, I was only able to participate 15 sporadic days out of the month. I made it a goal this year not to miss a day during the We Go Health blog party.

I focused on drawing from the cartoon series The Family Stew. A unique thing happened while drawing cartoons for this series…I found the real voice and characters for the cartoon. I was able to polish up who Chato Stewart is in the cartoon series as a likable guy with a unique perspective and point of view. I felt drawing him wearing a blue T-shirt and a black pair of pants really fit with a character living with bipolar disorder. He’s gone through a lot emotionally and physically– he’s black and blue.

Although the cartoon series normally includes my protagonist wife, semi-aloof son, and my three wise girls, I opted to focus mostly on me. My character is the underdog, anti-hero of sorts living in my own twisted reality. I was able to include my three wise girls to a few cartoons. That brought them a lot of joy … They love it when I draw them into the cartoons.

To Find My Sense Of Humor - National Health Blog Post Month Date .29: I did this cartoon the idea that your sense of humor is something you can actually lose.  I thought how would I find it if I lost it?

National Health Blog Post Month Day 28: It always puzzled me. The idea of having a black cloud follow me around all the time…Where is it when it’s not following me?

I bet you didn’t know Chato Stewart was a kiss ass - National Health Blog Post Month Day 27: I was happy to draw the CEO of Psych Central into this cartoon…When you read it, you’ll know why.

강남 스타일 - MEME - Gangnam Style -National Health Blog Post Month Day 26: Gangnam Style…You have to do the dance when you’re sad…It’s guaranteed to cheer you up!

Chato Bartholomew Stewarts fake obituary for National Health Blog Post Month Day 25: Chato Bartholomew Stewart’s obituary…Yes Bartholomew is Chato’s middle name…Yes it’s a fake obituary, but I have to apologize to a number of readers who got worried and panicked thinking that I had really died.

National Health Blog Post Month - Weightloss Day 24: This is how I envision me if I lost 250 pounds…

Day 23: Black Friday needs lights!

being thankful for other help Day 22: Beware of unsolicited advice from turkeys.

Technology For Reality Therapy Day 21: This cartoon took a lot for me to draw and I don’t know if that joke really made the impact that it had on me when I thought of it.  Basically, I thought it would be funny to have a machine that could travel time, but could only travel to the present.

A Mental Health choice I Regret making most Day 20: The walking dad is based upon the TV show the walking dead.  That’s how I looked after two years without medication; in reality I looked a lot worse than the cartoon.

Day 19: There are two jokes here. It’s obvious I’m making fun of red bull as mania giving me wings. The other joke–the sign in the right-hand corner referring to depression.

I want to change THIS about Mental health Care Day 18: This is a Facebook status joke… In case you didn’t get it.  J

Memorable Father Daughter Moments I GUT THIS Day 17: The things I do for my daughters… My girls love little creatures and big ones… The bear is salivating and happy that I’m in his cage. The look on its face cracks me up.  The funny part is I would probably do something like this without even thinking to make my girls happy.

Day 16: This is actually four cartoons combined into one… By far one of the most complicated cartoons drawn, yet it looks so simple doesn’t it.  I read once the hardest thing to draw: simplicity.

Why healthcare professionals should use social media Day 15: New type of therapy bills…Cyber therapy.

Advice for dealing with negative comments Day 14: I don’t do well with negative people… They bring out the stalker in me.

The Family Stew - Men Depression Day 13: I actually redrew this cartoon for the block party… Really all I did was change the color of his shirt and pants and tweaked a little bit of the image.  That will be our secret.

Call BS on something Day 12: This is 100% the block party prompt/suggestion for the blog post…We needed to call BS on something and the first thing that came to my head was how medications don’t make us fat.

The Anatomy of This Bipolar Day 11: has us renaming our anatomy, notice the bipolar T-shirt.

Globophobia - Lalaloopsy Day 10: Yes, I hate balloons!  That is my Sweet Pea controlling me with balloon blackmail.

We Go Health - Mental Health Hospitalization Community Care Package Day 9: When you’re hospitalized for a mental health evaluation, you basically are stripped to one notch above the prisoner. They say it’s for your safety, I think it’s just to keep us insane.

Day 8: Enters the protagonist, my wife, in this cartoon about a new type of therapy that every guy will love.

Day 7: Yes this is a retouched version of the cartoon I did for DBSA, as you can see, I haven’t yet found the new voice of Chato wearing black and blue.

sensational news stories get the most viewers Day 6: Why is it “negative” news reports about the mentally ill always get more airtime?  Hey is that Geraldo?  Why is he given me the finger?

Day 5: The soapboxes of today just aren’t made the same as yesteryear.

Wheel OF Emotions Day 4: The wheel of emotion. I thought I was being really creative coming up with this new term, until I googled it. Turns out to be a real type of therapeutic tool.

We Go Health - how-to give a ship Day 3: I have a short attention span.

Weirdest thing about bipolar Day 2: What is the weirdest thing about your illness?

Draw is my voice for mental health Recovery Day 1: And finally 31st 2012 national health blog post month cartoon.  It would take me a few days to find the character and his new wardrobe. Notice again the bipolar T-shirt.




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